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17.02.2020 - GRINDTECH 2020 Augsburg

GRINDTECH 2020, Halle 1, stand 1069 by MAR grinding machines
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17.10.2019 - New plant of Quick Load S.r.l.

Since 01/06/2019 Quick Load moved to via Fornace 20, a few meters from the...
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30.01.2019 - INDUSTRY 4.0 - Quick Load...

Financial help for the Italian Market
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21.04.2017 - Improved performances in...

Calculation power, easy management and global diffusion
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Quick Load s.r.l. operates in the industrial automation and applied robotics field, concentrating particularly on the manufacture of automated robotic, Cartesian and anthropomorphic systems, for the conveyance and handling of mechanical parts used in manufacturing processes.

In addition, as a result of the experience gained in deburring using anthropomorphic robots, Quick Load can provide solutions for finishing, rough-machining and deburring of mechanical parts.

Effective and efficient support

Our proficient support staff can ensure:

  • on-going efficiency of the equipment installed;
  • speed and quality of assistance;
  • qualified staff in all departments.

Research and development
Our efficient R & D department, with its staff of engineers, technicians and designers, is always ready to meet customers specific automation and industrialisation requirements.

Quick Load
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Tel +39 0542 670245 - Fax +39 0542 671014
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Via Fornace, 20 - 40023 Castel Guelfo

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